Yoga and Breathing

What’s up with Yoga and Breathing?

We all breathe, yet we are all not breathing the way we were intended to breathe, which is why there is so much illness and disease in the US today.

Our breath is our most powerful aid to keeping healthy as well as recovering from health issues. People come to FPY because we have a mastery calling where each breath is needed as you flow from pose to pose.

Why is this important? Yoga without each breath being linked to a pose is just calisthenics or bootcamp in today’s world.

You are operating in the sympathetic nervous system which is “fight or flight.” That’s the reason you don’t feel great after a bootcamp-style class. Your cortisol is elevated and your body just wants to hold onto fat, toxins, and stress.

But yoga is different. Yoga with big, loud breath called exactly when it’s needed from pose to pose allows us to ignite our parasympathetic nervous system which is known as “rest or digest.”

When we enter this state, we lower our cortisol levels and thus fat, toxins, and stress can be released. Yoga is the only fitness that can do this!

This is why people lose weight and sculpt far faster doing yoga than any other fitness. It’s why people are able to sleep better. It’s why people can address anxiety, depression, ADHD, back injuries, neck injuries, and hip injuries. It’s how people can handle stress of changes in their lives.

Your 3’ x 6’ yoga mat is where so much goodness happens that you keep coming back daily for years. You’ll give up lattes for yoga time. You’ll give up dining out on date night for time on your mat with your family.

It’s the breath in our lungs that is our ultimate weapon against diseases and illnesses. It brings contentment. Contentment brings happiness and gratitude. Give it a try! In 6 months, you will wonder how it took you so long to find FPY.


If you are already into Yoga, you will LOVE our challenging and invigorating FPY Style! We believe in Yoga for life! After the Welcome class, feel free to choose any class that grabs your attention.