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Rebecca Prox

Convenient location, convenient hours and courteous/professional staff. I went to this facility for a year, regularly, to correct a neck and lower back issue. After the chiropractic and PT care, I was happy to see that my spinal issues were corrected to the point of no more pain and discomfort! I highly recommend this service before surgery is even an idea.

Nikki Easley

Staff is friendly and personable. I first visited for Laser Lipo through a Groupon and they treated me like any other patient from the first visit. I am working on trying the Chiropractor services next and expect the same level of care. As far as some of the other comments about the phone, I do find this somewhat difficult as well.

Rachael Pankow

A great place for chiropractic work. Extremely friendly staff. They care about getting every person better. I have been to another place in the past and they were rude and only focused on getting all the money they could. I highly recommend that you choose this place for your back needs.

Kristen S.

Everyone here is amazingly helpful and very professional. Their approach to chiropractic care has helped my back pain immensely. Check them out, you will be glad you did!

Shelsea M.

Very knowledgeable staff who work to provide comprehensive care. Superior Health and Wellness uses the combined efforts of a variety of health providers to actually change the musculoskeletal issues being experienced to provide long term changes. When you start at Superior they evaluate your health and concerns and create a timeline for expected improvement.

Susan W.

Superior Health and Wellness is an appropriately named company as the staff strive in every way to help you reach your best healthy self with personalized plans toward reaching specific goals. There is a great coordination of teamwork so that no aspect of treatment is overlooked. The staff is skilled, experienced, focused on what needs to be done, and most especially caring!

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